How to Choose Books for Your Kids

Reading has benefits that everyone can thrive from, particularly kids. No matter the age of your child it is important that you read to them and provide books that they can read on their own. Children who read books are happier, have broader vocabularies, more vivid imaginations, and enjoy many other benefits, too. But with tens of thousands of children’s books out there, how can you pick the right books for your little ones?

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Age of Child

The age of the child is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing books they’ll enjoy reading. You want to ensure they are age appropriate and that the child can understand and enjoy the book. Choose books with lots of pictures and bright colors for smaller kids.

Favorite Characters

Kids are always interested in reading books that contain their favorite movie and cartoon characters. Every child has characters that they love and that have touched their heart. Be sure to include a few of these in their selection choices. These books will inspire their love for reading.

Christian Books

You can help enlighten your child and teach them more about living a Christian lifestyle when you choose Christian books to add to their bookshelf. It is fairly simple to find an original christian children’s book or one that has been popularized over the years. Every child needs at least one Christian book to read; preferably more.


The child’s personality can also be a good indicator of the types of books that he or she will enjoy reading. This is especially true for older children when you can consider their interests when choosing books for them to read. It doesn’t hurt to let the kids help choose books if they can help.